Our Favorite Movie Quotes About Love

I am a sucker for a good quote. Maybe it’s all girls or women, that are like that, but I don’t think so.  When I see something with a quote I like, my first instinct is “I should make something with that.” It’s doubly bad with romantic quotes.  I’m like “That would be great for a wedding/engagement/date/whatever.”

Our favorite movie quotes about love

These are some of my favorite love quotes from movies.  They’re great for Valentine’s Day, or year round.  Check out our favorite romantic movie quotes, too.

first time out of sight quote

Out of Sight isn’t exactly the most romantic movie ever, but it’s not bad.  The first time I watched it was when I was sick on a cruise, and it’s become almost a tradition to watch when I’m sick.  And really, who’s never felt this way?

haunt your dreams 40 year old virgin quoteIt may have taken 40-ish years, but by golly, he found the love of his life, didn’t he?  And I just adore this thought.  We always have that one person that we can never get rid of, even if they’re only in our thoughts now.


uncatchable woman big fish quoteOh, Big Fish.  Such a heartwrenching story of a life.  There’s so much that’s so profound in the movie.  This is one of my absolute favorite quotes about love, because it’s so true.

a million tiny things sleepless in seattle quoteWho doesn’t love Sleepless in Seattle? It’s one of the great rom-coms of our time full of great quotes about love. If you think about it, it’s kind of like the precursor to online dating.  Hmmm…

Love and be loved moulin rouge quote

I think everyone needs to hear this, and be reminded of it, every once in a while.  Friendship love, romantic love, familial love…it’s all the same.

practical magic spinning love quoteAhhh…that amazing falling feeling.  Where you’re all a bundle of jittery nerves that just can’t and won’t stop.  Not that you want it to, of course.  Who doesn’t love that feeling?

What are some of your favorite movie quotes about love?


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  1. I love the quote from Moulin Rouge. That’s one of my favorites!

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