Make this Easy Good Luck Vintage Cab Ring

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I adore vintage … well… just about anything, really. Vintage jewelry and vintage furniture. Vintage fashions for sure. And of course vintage styles. I was playing around with some of these fabulous vintage pieces that I had, when I thought “hmmm…I bet we could upcycle this into something cool.”

DIY Good Luck Vintage Cab Ring

It was then that inspiration struck. In about 5 minutes we had this really fun upcycled vintage ring designed and made.


Good Luck Upcycled Vintage Ring

Materials needed (links may be affiliate links)

clover ring kit 2

If you’re having trouble finding these items, or you don’t have a Silhouette machine, never fear. We’re putting together a kit that you’ll be able to purchase very soon.

Clean your cabs and ring blanks with rubbing alcohol and set aside. The cabs are old and have been touched by who knows what. The ring blanks probably have some manufacturing residue on them.

Find a simple shamrock design you like, and cut it out of the gold vinyl with your Silhouette machine. I found a clip art design and used the trace feature. These are about 0.6 inches tall.

gold clover for ring

Remove one of the shamrock decals from the backing and carefully place it on the cleaned vintage lucite cab.

Once you make sure there aren’t any major wrinkles, burnish it down well. There may be small wrinkles at the end of the leaves, but they’re easy to work out.

clover on cab

Add a small dab of E6000 to the back of the cab and the ring blank. A grain of rice size is plenty of glue. Give them a second, then smoosh the two pieces together. Take care to make sure the clover is right side up.

Set aside, and let the ring dry.

good luck vintage upcycled ring

Voila! You now have a really fun Good Luck Vintage Cab Ring!

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3 Responses to Make this Easy Good Luck Vintage Cab Ring

  1. That came out really good. I definitely need to play with my Silhouette more often.

  2. Mistee Dawn says:

    These are so super cute! I will have to make these with my daughter! Fun!

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