Low Calorie Christmas Cocktails to Enjoy

Low calorie Christmas cocktails allow you to celebrate while still watching your waist.


The holidays are upon us, and we’re venturing out to parties and other festivities NON STOP. At least, it feels this way. Even people who rarely entertain are doing something for the holidays. It’s enough to make a person crazy.

You’ll want to watch your calories while celebrating with friends. I mean, we want to still fit into our jeans and be able to zip our boots up, right? These low calorie Christmas cocktails are perfect for the holiday season.

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Great Gift Ideas for Men

We received samples of some of the items that we deem Great Gift Ideas for Men.  Opinions are our own.


Men. Why are they soooo difficult to shop for? They’re either like “yeah, whatever.” But we all know they have something definite they want. Or they’re the totally opposite side of the spectrum, and they have very detailed lists of what they want, and you’re like “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Have no fear! We’re here to help you figure out what those wild and crazy dudes in your life want for gifts. These aren’t just great gift ideas for men, these items will knock it out of the park!  Check out our Father’s Day Gift Guide, which has even more great gift ideas for men.

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Luxe Skincare Solutions to Dry Winter Skin

luxe=skincare-solutions for dry-winter-skin

Dry skin can be terrible. Itchy, scaly, it catches on everything. Ugghhh…And don’t even get me started on winter dry skin. Winter dry skin is like 20 times worse! Never fear, though. There are some really great products out there that can help us with this terrible winter dry skin.  Here are a few of our favorites that we’ve tried.

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Grow a Healthy Beard with Beardilizer


Something has happened in the past few years. Facial hair is everywhere! Beards are all the rage. Long scraggly beards. Big bushy beards. Highly groomed short beards. These beards are everywhere you look, on all kinds of people. More than that, though, is that men are investing some serious time and effort into their beards.

No longer is it that a man that has a beard has random stuff in it, and a pile of scratchy, unkempt hair on his face. Oh no. There are tons of specialty grooming products, like Beardilizer, that are designed just for beards.

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Ulta Gift Card Giveaway – US/Canada

Great Christmas Giveaway

Are you ready for the holidays?  Oh, what’s that?  You said no??  Well, join the club.  I am starting to totally freak out.  “Whaddya mean Christmas is in like 2 1/2 weeks?’  I AM NOT READY FOR THAT!!!

To help get ya prepared, and brighten your holidays, I’ve partnered up with a bunch of my bloggy friends for a super fun event.  We’re doing a Gift Card Giveaway, but in a Round Robin form.

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Holiday Fragrance Gift Center at Walmart + Giveaway #HolidayFragrance

This holiday fragrance post is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own.


Holiday shopping can be tough! There are those on your list who give you a verrrryyy detailed list of what they do and do not want.  Then, at the totally opposite spectrum, there are those people that tell you “oh, anything you give me will be perfect.”  Perfect?!?!  That’s a lot of pressure!

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$100 Beauty Mystery Box Giveaway – Open WW

Win a Beauty Mystery Box

Everyone loves a mystery.  A mystery box that is!  What’s in it?  Who knows?!!!??!!  As part of the Merry Christmas hop, hosted by Planet Weidknecht and LeahSays Reviews, we’re giving away an awesome Beauty Mystery Box.

christmas hop

As far as the contents – it’s a surprise!  Well, I can tell you this much.  It has at least one high end eyeshadow, nail polish, and it may have perfume.  Ooh la la!  Ready to enter?  Do so in the Gleam widget after the jump.  Open WW, too!

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Easy DIY Turkey and Feathers Nail Art Tutorial


Although it may seem like it’s waning in popularity, nail art is still super popular.  I know personally, that sometimes I’m like “yeah, I’m gonna do this awesome elaborate design” and then…nothing.  Some days I’m lucky if I can get my nails all the same color – or at least something that goes together!

This turkey and feathers nail art design is super cute, and perfect for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  Even better – the feathers nail art is great for year-round wear, since feathers are so popular right now.

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Crisp Autumn Cocktails for Cooler Weather


The cooler weather is upon us now.  In most areas, the leaves have fallen off the trees, and we’ve even had our first snow day for school.   It seems too early for all of that, doesn’t it? Before we know it, we’ll be having all kinds of gatherings from Thanksgiving to holiday parties.

Need something to warm ya up a little?  These tasty Autumn cocktails will do the trick.  Embracing the flavors of fall, like apple, caramel, and cranberry.  Even better, there are a couple of Autumn Cocktails for a Crowd.

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