One Direction Makeup Collection Review – Up All Night

one-direction-makeup-collection-up-all-night-in-tin (600 x 802)

One Direction. They seem to be everywhere you look. You can’t turn on the radio without hearing one of their songs. And if you have a tween or teen – fuhgeddaboutit.

It seems as though One Direction has set their sights on their next takeover target – the beauty industry! The boy band already had their own fragrances, and now they’re releasing One Direction makeup collections. There are three One Direction Makeup collections – Take Me Home, Up All Night, and Midnight Memories.

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Vote for Laura Geller in the QVC Awards + Giveaway


Do you ever watch QVC? I have to admit, I am an addict! When I was in college, I used to watch QVC allllll the time. Mostly beauty shows, and some of the fashion shows. And some of the cooking shows, too, of course.

It was during this time that I was introduced to some of the best products out there. I was introduced to some of my very favorite items that I still use to this day. Laura Geller makes many of these favorites.

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Get the Look: 2014 MTV VMA Awards


The 2014 MTV VMAs were held earlier this week, and, for the most part, everyone looked fantastic.   There were a couple of people that really looked amazing, though. Demi Lovato was the talk of the night, in her gorgeous, low cut, orange dress.  Gwen Stefani displayed her signature style of rocker chic.

We’re going to show you the products you need to get these MTV VMA makeup looks at home.

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How to Make a Wire Wrapped Beach Glass Pendant


Beach Glass and sea glass is so pretty. It’s hard to believe that these pieces used to be trash that has now been tumbled by the ocean for so many years. Since it’s such a treasure, beach glass should be treated as such. A wire wrapped sea glass or beach glass pendant is the perfect way to show off a treasured piece.

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Low Calorie Lemonade Cocktail Recipes


One of the quintessential summer beverages is lemonade. Cool. Crisp. Refreshing. Lemonade really has it all.  A lemonade cocktail takes something good, and make it even better. These low calorie lemonade cocktail recipes are the perfect thing to celebrate National Lemonade Day!  Be sure to check out more lemonade cocktail recipes, too.

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Whiter Smiles for Back to School

This post brought to you by Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant. All opinions are 100% mine.

Kids and teachers are headed back to school.  One of the most important back to school items is a great smile.  A smile is an ice breaker and a great way to meet people. Of course, we’ll also have those back to school photos coming up.  Gotta have a great smile for that!

The Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant line is here to help!  The triple punch of the Truly Radiant toothpaste, Whitening Booster, and Spinbrushes not only brighten your smile, they leave your mouth feeling amazingly clean. 

 photo 8459fa08-2d0c-4267-9059-1023f2c23b39_zps7c4cddb2.jpg

Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant toothpaste is the only toothpaste on the market with baking soda, peroxide, and active calcium.  This means that it removes up to 100% more surface stains than other leading brands of toothpastes.  Not only that, but it also smooths the surface imperfections while restoring the shine and strengthening the enamel of your teeth. 

 photo 059fbb92-c308-4938-a715-8ec38137b9e3_zps01fba501.jpg

The Arm & Hammer spinbrushes were like no toothbrush I’ve ever used.  They leave your mouth feeling so clean and refreshed; it’s like you’ll wonder what happened!  They remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush, at a budget friendly price. 

 photo ae9dd050-f8dc-4296-814b-40f081fe86b1_zpsac10838f.jpg

The third item in this teeth whitening trifecta is the Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Whitening Booster.  It’s clinically proven to whiten your teeth in just one week.  How does it do that?  You just prepare your toothbrush with toothpaste as usual, and add the Whitening Booster.  Brush your teeth like you always do, and voila!  Whiter teeth in a week.  This has three times the whitening agents than the leading whitening strips.  Plus, there’s no extra step.  Win-win, right?

Since your smile has you feeling so sassy, check out these tips to bring out your inner radiance. I live radiantly every day by choosing to spread joy. 

How are you living radiantly every day?


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Back to School Beauty Essentials

We received samples of some of these back to school beauty essentials.  Opinions are our own.


It’s really hard to believe that we’re already gearing up for Back to School. In some places, there’s still a month of summer vacation left, but most areas of North America have gone back to school. Whether in middle school, or going away to live in the dorms, these are some of the back to school items that you should consider. You’re not gonna find these back to school beauty essentials on any school supply list at your local store.  And if you have to deal with gym class, check out these gym class heroes.

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Get the Look: Graphic Blue Cats Eye from Project Runway

One of my favorite TV shows has just started up again. Project Runway is back for its 13th season with a whole new batch of designers, challenges, and creativity.


Know what else is new for Project Runway Season 13? The Mary Kay Color Design Studio! Yep, that’s right – Mary Kay is now providing the makeup looks for the models as they take their turn on the runway. Mary Kay is all about us being able to recreate these runway looks at home, in real life.

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More Shark Week Party Cocktails


It’s that time again! Once a year, the Discovery Channel does Shark Week, a week of programming that’s totally devoted to our fearsome friends in the ocean. Over the past few years, this has gone from must see tv to actual events. Mix up one of these shark-themed cocktails to celebrate. Looking for more ideas? Check out the original Shark Week cocktails, too!

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