Half Watermelon Nail Art Tutorial

I don’t know about your area, but in my area, watermelons are one of the signs that summer is waning. They usually roll into stores about the same time as school supplies. We pick ‘em up and have one last hurrah with a float trip or a great blowout BBQ.

Watermelon nail art tutorials

Never fear, though!  We’re here to celebrate the end of Summer in style.  Check out this adorable Half Watermelon nail art tutorial.  We’ll be doing whole watermelon nail art tutorial and a watermelon wedge nail art tutorial, too.  And since you cannot live by watermelon alone, we’ll be doing a fabulous rugby stripe and a sassy dots nail art tutorial too. Stay tuned for those to get your whole end of summer nail art tutorial series and master your Watermelon manicure.

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12 of the Best Clogs Styles and Trends for Fall

Clogs are one of my favorite styles of shoes. Maybe it’s the crazy shoe love coming out in spades, or perhaps it’s the Swedish heritage.  Whatever it is, I’ve had tons of pairs of clogs over my lifetime, and generally have somewhere between 4 and 10 pairs in my shoe wardrobe at any one time.  I don’t know – it may be an issue.

The best clog styles for fall

I will say this – if loving clogs is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Whatever, I have issues.

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20 Great Fall Scarves under $20

I don’t know about you, but i tend to wear the same things over and over again. It’s partly habit and partly not bothering to find anything else to wear. Who has time for those pesky things like folding laundry and unpacking suitcases?

20 great fall scarves under 20

One of the ways that I change up the look of what I’m wearing is with accessories.  And one of my favorite accessories is scarves. They’re cute, come in about a million styles and designs, and can be really affordable. Fall is a perfect time to add a scarf to an outfit.  Check out our 20 Boots under $35, too!

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What’s In My Bag? | Weekend Traveler Edition

Special thank to U by Kotex for sponsoring this discussion.  Be sure to get your FREE sample.

When I’m traveling, I like to travel light. Well…sometimes.  When I’m exploring a new city, I don’t need to drag around my normal purse. I can strip it down to the essentials and just carry what I really need to.

Whats in my Bag Traveling edition

Let’s start with the bag. I like a small crossbody with a really long strap.  This one came from Kohls, and was around $25.

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Heart Shaped Fishtail Braid Bun Hair Tutorial Video

Who doesn’t love a bun, right?  It’s easy to do, and looks good. Combine that with sculptural hair and a fishtail braid, and you might think that the look has gone overboard. Not with this look!

heart shaped fishtail braid bun tutorial

Fishtail braids are still so hot! Just when we think that the trend is going to die off, it fires right back up. This brand new hair tutorial from Michael Duenas of the heart shaped fishtail braid bun is combining these great hair trends into one easy to create look. Step by step instructions and a video make it easy to follow along.

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$25 Kohls Gift Card Giveaway – Open WW

It’s back to school time.  I figured everyone could use a little extra sumtin-sumtin in their pockets. Whether you’re buying new clothes for the kiddos, treating yourself, or just getting ready for fall and winter, we can all use a little extra.


Here at Style on Main, we’re giving away a $25 Kohls gift card. It’s open WW, too.  Ready to enter? Do so after the jump.

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Ready for the Weekend Maxi Dress OOTD

Are you ready for the weekend?  I, for one, most definitely am. This Maxi Dress outfit is perfect for a weekend of activity.  Whether you’re headed to a baseball game, watching the kids play soccer, or out to the farmer’s market, you’re going to look fab doing it.

Maxi Dress for the Weekend OOTD

Depending on your office, you could even wear this maxi dress to work, when paired with a little shrug.

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How to Make DIY Glitter Sneakers Quickly and Easily

I love glitter. Glitter and I are best friends. Lately, though, I’ve been hearing more and more people claim that they don’t like glitter. Well, these DIY glitter sneakers are definitely not for them.

How to make your own DIY glittered sneakers

One of my favorite fashion accessories is shoes. And I like wild and crazy shoes. Oh, and sparkle. For around $10, you can have an awesome pair of DIY glitter sneakers that are ALL YOU. Why wouldn’t you want to make these?

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20 Boots for Fall that Are Under $35

Pretty soon, the leaves are going to start changing colors, and the air will turn crisp. Apples will be in abundance, and pumpkin spice everything will take over our lives. One of the greatest joys of Fall are all of the cute boots that we get to wear.

20 great fall boots under 35

Be ready for the new Fall season with this year’s hottest boot trends. Take a look at this selection of fabulous boots for fall we’ve gathered up for you. The best part – they’re all under $35. UM HELLO! You’re not even going to HAVE to choose which ones you want. You can afford them all! Well, at least a couple pairs.

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Jumpsuit Chic Outfit of the Day

Jumpsuits and rompers have been one of the major fashion trends of 2015.  Personally, I am sitting on the sidelines for this trend.  While it looks great on a lot of people, it’s not a trend I can participate in.  Mainly because of my extra long torso.

Jumpsuit chic outfit if the day

When I wear rompers and jumpsuits, they are either riding up or sagging low – or both! And let’s face it – NONE of that is a good look. I see so many ladies that look FAB in a jumpsuit though.  We’ve put together a super chic look with a jumpsuit.

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