DIY Dorothy from Wizard of Oz Halloween Costume for Adults

When I was a kid, The Wizard of Oz was one of the movies that we always watched.  We’d watch it any time it was on TV.  If it wasn’t on TV, we had the VHS tape, and would watch that.  Yeah, I’m THAT OLD. I always thought it would be great to do a family Halloween costume as the characters from The Wizard of Oz, but somehow, we never quite got it together. Pair this Dorothy costume with our Scarecrow one, and you’re halfway there.

This DIY Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz Halloween costume for adults is easy to put together, and uses items that can be found in your closet.  If they’re not already in your closet, they’ll make a great addition after the holiday.

DIY Dorothy Halloween Costume for Adults

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Transition Your Favorite Summer Dress to Fall Effortlessly

We all have that one favorite item of clothing that we’re so sad to pack away when the summer ends.  Sometimes it’s a blouse, while other times it’s a dress. Never fear!  You don’t have to pack that cute summer dress away.  At least, not yet.

We’re going to show you how to effortlessly transition your favorite summer dress into an outfit that’s completely fall forward. You’ll be so on point, that people won’t even realize what’s going on.

Transition your strappy summer dress into an outfit that's perfect for fall.

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16 Fabulous Designer Rain Boots that Are Under $100

If you live in a wet climate, you know that you basically have two options when it comes to footwear. Something cheap that doesn’t matter if they get ruined, or you have rain boots.  And if you live somewhere it rains a lot, you generally have multiple pairs of rain boots.

16 great designer rain boot styles that are all under $100

Let’s face it – no one wants wet feet.  It’s miserable, sets the day off wrong, and honestly, makes you cold. We’ve compiled 16 awesome pairs of rain boots that are all under $100.  Many are around the $50 price point. And we’ve managed to hunt down some great designer brands like Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Ugg, Diane von Furstenberg, and more.

Designer Rain Boots Under $100

There’s something for just about everyone in these designer rain boots.  We’ve scoured the web to bring you only the best! Links may be affiliate links.

Styles 1-8

Rain boots under $100

DVF Whitney Rain Boot ($90) – We all love Diane von Furstenberg, and know she’s anything but a shrinking violet. It just makes sense that these rain boots would be the same way. The bold lip print really makes a statement.  These rain boots aren’t for the shy person.

Sam Edelman Tinsley Rain Bootie ($55) – You don’t always need, or want, knee high rain boots.  Sometimes, you just want something that’s going to prevent your feet and shoes from getting soaked.  Enter the Tinsley. Available in 4 fab colors.

Cougar Royale Ankle Rain Boots ($40) – These short rain boots have an easy on, easy off appeal to them.  Add in the fun polka dot pattern, and it’s on! They even have a removable insole, so you can wash it. Available in three colorways.

Ankle Wellie Rain Boots ($69, on sale for $55) – How fun are these green wellies? Make a statement and bring a little sunshine to a dull and dreary day.  These are from LL Bean, and are designed with both comfort and usability in mind.

Fabulois galoshes that are under $100

Crocs Rainfloe Waterproof Tall Rain Boot ($70) – We all know that the Crocs we’re used to leave a lot to be desired as far as looks go.  The new Crocs aren’t like that, at all.  They’re designed with comfort in mind, but with some real style.  These tall rain boots are no exception.

Playful Foxes Rain Boots ($28) – So cute, so trendy, and oh so fun. You can totally get away with having fox rain boots when they’re at this price point.

Michael Kors Fulton Harness Rain boot ($99) – These combine a riding boot with a rain boot.  Such a cute style, and the harness has a bold Michael Kors logo. The glossy black color really looks elegant, too.

Nomad Kelly B Rubber Rain Boots ($52) – These are really different. They act like a normal rain boot, but have a great lace up detail in the front. These are available in 4 great shades that all bring a little sunshine into your life.

Styles 9-16

Designer rainboots under $100

Havianas Galoches Low Rain Boot ($65) – These rain boots have a little bit of western boot styling, and a low 7-inch shaft.  Tall enough to tuck your pants into, but not so tall that they get too hot and uncomfortable.  The articulated sole helps you walk in the wet weather, too. Available in 3 matte colors, but you can get metallic colors here. ($70)

Joules Welly Print Rain Boot ($75) – I am DYING at the cuteness. If you’ve been here any length of time, you know that I have a thing for fun shoes.  Life is just too short to be boring. These Joules rain boots come in some of the most fun patterns, including dogs(!), dapper foxes, and flowers and stripes.

Ugg Shaye Shearling Lined Waterproof Boot ($80) – I love the dreamy watercolor plaid pattern on these boots. These have the traditional Ugg foot bed liner that’s removable and washable.  Available in 3 colorways.

SakRoots Rhyme ($39) – These are basically a shootie.  A shoe that looks like a bootie.  They’re ultra-low for comfort and ease of wear.  Let’s face it, sometimes all you need is something to keep your toes from getting wet. These come in a ton of colors and fun prints, too.

Great designer rain boots under $100

Michael Kors Logo Rain Boot ($99) – These are a great option for the brand conscious person in your life. Cute styling with a fun buckle strap. Removable foot bed is always a plus!

Ralph Lauren Tally Rain Boots ($59) – These are low boots that have a wide elastic gore on the sides.  This makes them easy to wear, and easy to put on as well as take off. Plus, they come in fun colors like a royal blue and a sunshine yellow.

Sakroots Mezzo Waterproof Rain Boot ($78) – These boots have the super fun colors and patterns that we know and love Sakroots for. Neoprene upper has a toggle drawstring closure to keep the weather out, while the rubber boot part keeps your feet dry. Available in 5 fab colorways.

Jeffery Campbell Stormy Rainboot ($55) – Another shootie/short bootie style rain boot with a wide elastic gore.  This one comes in a glitter finish, though.  Say whaaaa????  I know what I’m picking up for my rain boot this year.

There’s something for everyone, and rain boots make a great Christmas gift.  Start buying now, so that your size is still available.

What’s your favorite style of these rain boots?

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DIY Peter Pan Halloween Costume for Adults

Most of us, at some point in our lives, have had to be Peter Pan.  Whether it’s for a school or community play, role play at home, or even as a Halloween costume. And if we haven’t, one of our siblings or children have.  Peter Pan – the story touches us all!

This is our take on a DIY Peter Pan Halloween costume for adults.  It uses clothes that, if they aren’t in your closet already, they’ll make a great addition to your closet after the holiday. Be sure to check out our Tinkerbell and Wendy DIY Halloween costumes, too.

Peter Pan DIY Halloween Costume

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Get Ready for Fall with Shoedazzle

Special thanks to ShoeDazzle for sponsoring today’s conversation about women’s boots for fall.

Hot Boots and Cool Styles for Fall with Shoedazzle

Recently, ShoeDazzle approached me about working together, featuring some of their really cute women’s boots for fall.  Boots?  Shoes?  Um, yeah, I’m totally there. Now, I had seen ShoeDazzle’s ads a million times, and knew the basic way the program worked.  I’d even browsed a few styles and thought to myself “oh, those are cute.”  I’d never pulled the trigger or signed up for an account though.

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Try a Spiked Spiced Cider Cocktail that’s Perfect for Autumn

There are certain signs of fall that are unmistakable.  Leaves start to change, and the weather cools down.  The corn fields turn from green to brown, and the apple orchards open for the season. Now that fall is officially here, be ready for it with an Spiked Spiced Cider cocktail.

Try a Spiked Spiced cider cocktail that's perfect for fall

When you’re out picking apples, as seems to be a tradition for so many people, pick up some of the fresh pressed cider.  It’s SOOOO GOOD! This Spiked Spiced Cider cocktail can be made un-spiked for the kiddos, too.

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Tinkerbell DIY Halloween Costume for Adults

Peter Pan is one of the classic children’s fairy tales. We’re all familiar with the story, and some of us can probably even relate.  Who wants to grow up, anyway?   This Tinkerbell DIY Halloween costume is pretty easy to put together.

Maybe your group of friends or your family does themed costumes.  Pair Tinkerbell with our Wendy and Peter Pan DIY Halloween costumes, and you’ve got a great set.

DIY Tinkerbell Halloween Costume

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Try Something New with this Minted Mule Cocktail Recipe

When I go out, there are a few drinks that are my standard go-to cocktails. Cola and Rye. A Mojito. A Moscow Mule. They’re generally pretty tough to mess up, and you pretty much know what to expect.

Try something new with this Minted Mule cocktail recipe. It's a great twist on a classic Moscow Mule.

This Minted Mule Cocktail recipe takes two of these drinks, mashes them together, and then spins it hard into it’s own delicious concoction. It has that really familiar, but not quite what you’re expecting feel, but not in a weird way.

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Take Your Boho Chic look from Summer to Fall with Ease | OOTD

Fall is coming, sooner rather than later. The days are already getting shorter, the weather is starting to cool down, and in some areas, the leaves are already starting to change. One of the other things that’s changing is our wardrobes. We’re starting to transition from summer into fall.

Transition your Boho Chic look from Sumemr to Fall, easily

We don’t have to get rid off all of the summer wardrobe, but by adding a few pieces we can transition from those long, sunshine-y days into outfits that are cooler weather appropriate.

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Super Simple but Impressive Raspberry Sparkler Cocktail

It’s the last, waning days of summer, and fall is going to be here before we know it. There’s no reason to fret, though. Celebrate with one of these super simple Raspberry Sparkler cocktails.

Easy to make Raspberry Sparkler cocktail

A Raspberry Sparkler is great for any time of the year. The drink is so pretty, it’s great for occasions that you want to feel special. It’s especially great for a wedding, a brunch, or when even you’re just feeling fancy. And a Raspberry Sparkler is so easy that anyone can make one.

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