Cocktails and Appetizers for the Big Game

The Big Game is one of THE social events of the year.  90% of the time, we don’t really care who’s playing.  We’re at the parties to see and be seen, and hang out with friends. And eat some great food, of course!

Cocktails and appetizers for the big game

There’s still time to add one of these fabulous Big Game themed cocktails and appetizers to your party and totally impress your friends.  Check out our Tequila Treats for the Big Game and Low Calorie Cocktails for the Big Game, too!

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Super Fun Green Makeup Finds

I love makeup and beauty products of all kinds.  I always have, and I always will. I’m not a huge fan of the normal stuff though.  Nope. For a beauty product to lure me in, it has to have some kind of special something about it.  Whether that’s the color, texture, or effect, it all depends.

I am currently IN LOVE with some of the really fun makeup trends that are going on right now. Especially the vivid colors of things. These are some of my favorite green makeup finds.

Super Fun Green makeup finds

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Protect Your Eyes with these Sunglasses Trends for 2016

One of my favorite fashion accessory is sunglasses. They can really convey a lot about you and your personal style, yet are totally useful. The right pair is also really flattering to your face, and can change up your whole look.

sunglasses trends for 2016

But, there’s so many styles of sunglasses. How do we even know where to start, and what to look for in a great pair? Never fear, I’m here to help! We’re going to be exploring several of the hottest sunglasses trends for 2016. We’re using sunglasses from Sunglass Warehouse, which were generously provided to us. They’re great quality, really affordable, and they have a huge selection of colors and styles for just about everyone.

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Our Favorite Movie Quotes About Love

I am a sucker for a good quote. Maybe it’s all girls or women, that are like that, but I don’t think so.  When I see something with a quote I like, my first instinct is “I should make something with that.” It’s doubly bad with romantic quotes.  I’m like “That would be great for a wedding/engagement/date/whatever.”

Our favorite movie quotes about love

These are some of my favorite love quotes from movies.  They’re great for Valentine’s Day, or year round.  Check out our favorite romantic movie quotes, too.

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Make this Easy Fringed No Sew Scarf for Him – or Her

With the weather turning colder, there’s one thing that you always need. Well besides a coat and a good pair of shoes. That item is a really great scarf. Now, I never really understood the point of a scarf for warmth until I was an adult. All of a sudden I realized that a scarf kept my neck warm and I could use it to cover my mouth and nose. It was like a serious wakeup call. Not to mention – some scarves are really cute.

Make an easy no sew wool scarf

One of the things that I really like is a wool scarf. It’s so elegant and refined. As a bonus, a plaid wool scarf looks really great with a car coat or any other dressier coats. One drawback is that these scarves tend to be really pricey. Luckily, they’re really easy to make, even for a non-DIYer.

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Great Nail Polish Shades for Valentine’s Day

I am an absolute sucker for nail polish.  I know I’ve mentioned this a time or two hundred, but it’s true.  I just love all the colors, finishes, and textures that nail polish and nail lacquers come in these days.

I adore them so much that I rarely leave a store without picking up a shade or two.  How else can you change up your mood, style or look with such little effort? We’ve compiled several of the best nail polish shades for Valentine’s day.

Great nail polish shades for valentine's day

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5 Awesome Gifts Under $25 from Ulta Beauty

I’ve mentioned it a time or two, but Ulta Beauty is one of my absolute favorite stores. If I’m shopping for myself, that’s one of the places that I’m sure to pop in to. Or I’ll cruise on by the Ulta Beauty website and see what’s new.

5 ulta beauty gifts under 25

One of the things that I love about Ulta Beauty is the fact that they have both the designer brands of makeup and skincare, as well as the budget friendly lines. They also have their own house brand that, I’m going to say, has some pretty legit items. These are a few of our favorite holiday gift items from Ulta Beauty that check in under $25. Thanks to Ulta Beauty for providing these great items!

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Don’t Let LBL Get You Down!

Thanks to Poise for sponsoring today’s conversation.

One of the great things about the holidays is seeing your family and friends. Especially the ones you haven’t seen in for-ev-er. Everyone gets together, eats great food, and tells tons of stories. Some you’ve heard a hundred times, and some are new to you. Sometimes, you even hear a dirty story that you didn’t understand in a previous telling.


Everyone hoots and hollers, laughs and has a grand ol time. Until all of a sudden, you’re like “oh! Gotta go!” You jump up, make a beeline to the bathroom, and just hope no one’s in there.

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Must Haves for Lazy Days with NBC

One of my favorite things to do is lazy days. They’re pretty self-explanatory, but you just kick back and basically do nothing all weekend. Or a weekday. Whenever works for you. One of the things I enjoy doing on lazy days is binge watching a whole season of a TV show.

Lazy Days with NBC TV Everywhere

Normally, I’d go find something on one of my subscription sites, but now there’s something else. Recently, NBC contacted me and wanted to know if I’d tried their NBC TV Everywhere feature.  I’m gonna be honest and say – I didn’t even know this existed! With NBC TV Everywhere, I can catch up on my favorite NBC shows right on my laptop. Heck yeah!

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5 Great Products that Will Give You Awesome Hair

Hair.  It’s our crowning glory or our worst nightmare.  Sometimes it’s both at the same time. We tease and torture, curl and straighten, cut it off and dye it, yet is still remains.

5 amazing products that will give you great hair

Doesn’t your hair deserve some TLC? We’ve rounded up some great products that are going to make your hair forgive you for all the abuse you put it through.

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