Hot Hair Trends for Spring 2015


I don’t know if it’s that whole Spring and rebirth thing or maybe we’re just excited after a log winter. But Spring always makes me want to do something drastic with my hair. Sometimes it’s a wild new cut, while other times it’s a bold new color. Sometimes it’s both. These hair trends for Spring 2015 will make you want to update your hair, too.

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Easter Egg Nail Art Tutorial

Here is another super easy, super cute Easter nail art tutorial.  This time, we’re doing Easter eggs.  This Easter egg nail art tutorial is so easy, and so quick, that even those with an unsteady hand can have amazing results.


Gather up a few colors of nail polish, some dotting tools or toothpicks, and let’s get to work.  Be sure to check out our Bunny with a Tail and Carrot nail art tutorials, too,

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Carrot Nail Art Tutorial for Easter

It’s now officially spring, and Easter is right around the corner.  Noooo…how can that be?  Where is the time going??  Never fear!  We’re here to help you get ready for Easter with our awesome Easter nail art tutorials – like this one for a carrot nail art design.


Be sure to check out our Bunny with a Tail nail art tutorial and stay tuned for the Easter Egg nail art tutorial, as well.  With these easy nail art designs, you’ll have the Easter manicure everyone is sure to be envious of.

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Bunny with Tail Easter Nail Art Tutorial


Bunnies and chicks and eggs, oh my!  How can it be that Easter is almost here already?  Those years that Easter arrives early always throw me off, personally.  Hey…kinda like this year.

Never fear, though!  We’re here to celebrate the Spring holiday in style.  Check out this adorable Bunny with a Tail Easter nail art tutorial.  We’ll be doing a Easter Egg nail art tutorial and a carrot nail art tutorial, too.  Stay tuned for those to get your whole Easter nail art tutorial series and master your Easter manicure.

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How to Make a Birds Nest Necklace | A Tutorial

Spring is officially here. In my area, that means that we’ll start having birds’ nests in every available building or tree crevice before too long. What better way to celebrate the arrival of Spring than with a great birds nest necklace. These would be an amazing Mother’s Day gift, too.


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Lorac Party Palette Review and Swatches

Since probably November, I have been on a makeup buying bender. Seriously, it’s bad. One of the items that I’ve purchased has been the Lorac Party Palette. It is a limited edition, and available only at Ulta.


Anyway, the Lorac Party eye shadow palette has 8 great shades of eye shadow, along with two highlighters. These colors don’t really have names – just color descriptions:

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St Patrick’s Day Cocktails from the Caribbean


It seems that every St Patrick’s Day is a little of the same. Have some corned beef and cabbage, drink some green beer, and wear something with a shamrock on it. Or at least some green, so you don’t get pinched! This year, though, we’re gonna mix it up a little. Check out these awesome green St Patrick’s Day cocktails from around the world. Each of these signature St Patrick’s Day cocktails are available at one of the fabulous Hilton resorts in the Caribbean and Latin America.

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$150 The Luncheonette Boutique Gift Card Giveaway

Spring is in the air.  The days are warmer, the sun is shining, and birds are chirping.  Most importantly, though – it’s Fashionista time! Spring Fashionista is one of the premier fashion events on the web.


Here at Style on Main, we’re giving away a gift card to a great new boutique.  The Luncheonette Boutique has an eclectic collection ranging from jewelry and accessories to scarves to kimono jackets to personalized items.  While it sounds like a crazy assortment, they really pull it together well.  Even better  – they have free shipping at $35!  We all know how easy it is to get to $35 when buying at a great boutique.

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What I Wore: Transitioning Into Spring

Editorial samples were received of some items featured.


Gotta love camera timers, right?!?!  haha.  We’ve had a ridiculous late winter here in the Midwest. In my area, we received basically our whole year’s snow in one weekend. In a town where they cancel school if there’s a chance of flurries, getting 10 inches of snow basically paralyzes the area. And as soon as stuff started getting back to normal – BAM! Another 6 inches of snow. No Bueno. So today, when it’s going to be 50 degrees, it almost feels like a heat wave. A lovely lovely heat wave. This is what I wore today:

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February 2015 Ipsy Bag Review


I’ve subscribed to Ipsy for a while now. Probably a couple years or so. I always intend to blog my monthly Ipsy bag, but then I’m sort of “meh” about it when it arrives. I have to stop looking at the preview! I decided that’s part of the problem – I already know what’s in there, so I’m not enthused when it arrives. I’ve decided to stop doing that, and see if it improves my experience.  Anyway, this is what was in my February 2015 Ipsy Bag.

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