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Aubergine Bettie Earrings

Welcome to the LUCKY ’13 New Years Giveaway Hop hosted by BloggerPR! In order to kickoff 2013 with a BANG, BloggerPR decided to organize an event to celebrate the new year!

Style on Main has something really gorgeous for one lucky winner.  Are you ready?

One lucky reader will win these gorgeous Bettie earrings.  Handcrafted from authentic vintage lucite that dates to the 1950s and 1960s.  Aubergine Moonglow in color, and paired with sterling silver.  Simply stunning.  ARV $30.  Open worldwide, too.

Ready to enter this earrings giveaway?  Do so in the Giveaway Tools Widget after the jump!

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This event will run through January 12th. Good Luck & Happy New Year!

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Newly minted 30 year old. Lover of nail polish, glitter, and all things fashion and beauty.
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191 Responses to Bettie Vintage Lucite Earrings Giveaway #lucky13 – WW

  1. Kiana Amirehsani says:

    My New Year’s Resolution is to lose 20 pounds! I hate my huge stomach!

  2. Stacie says:

    I want to lose 15 lbs.

  3. kim burnett says:

    to lose weight

  4. Amber Y says:

    My new years resolution is to pay off all my debt. I’d love (and am aiming) to be debt free this time next year.

  5. K.Pugh says:

    I’d like to take a family vacation.
    Thanks for the chance.

  6. eleanor says:

    making healthy meals and eat more healthy foods

  7. polly says:

    mine is to lose some weight!

  8. gibberish (Julie G.) says:

    I’m trying to trim off a few pounds.

  9. laura c. says:

    My resolution is to do more outdoor activities with my kids this coming year

  10. Jessica Rose says:

    To workout more!

  11. Nicole Lewis says:

    To lose weight

  12. Mia j says:

    My resolutions are to try and be healthy and to learn how to do some crafts.

  13. Brenda Penton says:

    Mine is to lose the weight I gained over the holidays 🙂

  14. Rusu Alexandru says:

    My 2013 resolution is to find a job!

  15. stacey h says:

    no resolutions

  16. Brooke Banks says:

    I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions. I already have goals in place to improve myself and my life, so the changing of the year doesn’t really effect my plans in place.

  17. Sacha Schroeder says:

    Lose weight and get healthy!

  18. JanD says:

    workout at least 5 times per week

  19. Andrea Liss says:

    Eat a better diet and work harder

  20. Lori Bazan says:

    Lose weight!

  21. Autumn Myers says:

    My New Years Resolution is to be happier with myself and be at peace 🙂

  22. I am going to keep on my expenses instead of doing it once in a while.

  23. SueSueper says:

    I always strive to watch what what foods are eaten and control portion sizes.

  24. april says:

    My plan is to continue on paleo and ad in some crossfit type of workout.

  25. Judy-Ree says:

    To be more active this year.

  26. Lisa R says:

    try to lose some weight and quit smoking

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  27. I’m going to try to quit smoking. Wish me luck! =D

  28. Brianne says:

    To procrastinate less and get more things finished.

  29. melina r says:

    eat healthier in the new year

  30. Mary I says:

    Getting back on a diet. Got to look good for the summer.

  31. Lisa Smith says:

    Find more time for myself, doing something just for me

  32. Melissa S says:

    Same as every year, to get organized!

  33. KIM L says:

    I hope to start living a healthier life by eating more fresh organic foods.

  34. nichol tone says:

    To lose weight

  35. Erika E says:

    I want to stop eating out so much and cook more at home. Both to save money and eat healthier.

  36. Huguette English says:

    I fail at them every year so I’m not having one this year.

  37. Megan Parsons says:

    I don’t have one

  38. tennille says:

    To be more giving to those in need in my community

  39. Shea Balentine says:

    Get in better shape and eat healthier

  40. Chelsea says:

    Mine is to save enough money for a down payment on a house!

  41. LAMusing says:

    quit smoking

  42. Sonya says:

    to save more money

  43. Velvet Hubler says:

    To eat healthier

  44. Leah Shumack says:

    I am going to take more time out for myself

  45. Alexa Ale says:

    To learn german

  46. Kathy Ross says:

    To continue to lose weight.

  47. Michele Behlen says:

    My resolution is to try to stay positive.

  48. melissa griffith says:

    To obtain a more satisfying job.

  49. vicky b says:

    lose weight

  50. Beth Hill says:

    I would like to eat healthier and excercise more.

  51. Jackie says:

    To pay down debt and save more money
    Thank you!

  52. Kelly Tanner says:

    To be healthier, take good care of my family and to have a good pregnancy.

  53. Jeannie platt says:

    to lose the last 10 lbs till my final goal weight…. which is very doable this year.

  54. andalene says:

    Return my phone calls.

  55. jodi frasier says:

    My resolution this year is to try and lose at least 15lbs. Thanks

  56. SueinOz says:

    What a beautiful, generous prize to kick off a new year.

  57. SueinOz says:

    I want to work less and spend more time with family and friends.

  58. kathy f says:

    No more soda!

  59. jessica edwards says:

    be more organized

  60. Michelle E Dunne says:

    I want to be healthier in 2013 🙂

  61. Melissa Livingstone says:

    Say at least 1 nice thing to everyone I talk to in a day. 🙂

  62. Catie says:

    My resolution is to pay down my credit card debt!

  63. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    To eat healthier for health reason.

  64. I can not keep a resolution so I don’t have one this year. lol

  65. Tammy H says:

    My resolution is to read more books

  66. Katie Amanda says:

    I want to improve my teaching skills. Thanks!

  67. Carla Moore says:

    To use less paper products and hone in on my listening skills.

  68. Oksana says:

    Stay healthy!

    Thank you for the chance!


  69. To set a wedding date! We have been waiting for our parents to get healthy and be able to fly!

  70. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    to continue to stay on my diet

  71. Seyma Shabbir says:

    Be happy!

  72. Jenny Stanek says:

    Absolutely to finally get healthy!

  73. Debbie Petch says:

    I don’t do that anymore. Just want to be better.

  74. natalie nichols says:

    To stop cussing

  75. corey says:

    Smile more, laugh more.

  76. Leatitia says:

    To exercise more

  77. crissi mcveay says:

    to pamper myself 🙂

  78. Maria says:

    To be fitter!

  79. Stephanie from CT says:

    lame. i know, but get more exercise

  80. Marissa M says:

    Go to the gym more

  81. Mer says:

    My resolution is to do more cooking from scratch.

  82. Tiffany says:

    My resolution is to get my body back after my surgery and then get my life back in order 🙂

  83. Brittany C. says:

    To lose the weight I gained during my pregnancy!

  84. left says:

    To get a job

  85. Sean says:

    I don’t have a resolution. I’m too concerned about finding a job right now.

  86. Sadie E says:

    Go to the gym more!

  87. Laura B says:

    O lose 10 lbs. and drink more water

  88. Lauren Knott says:

    Lose 8 pounds and be a better person.

  89. Pam Donica says:

    I don’t do New’s Years resolutions.

  90. Sarah p says:

    My new years resolution is to live a healthier life, start exercising and eating healthier. 🙂

  91. Mayla M says:

    I want to spend more time doing arts and crafts with my sons.

  92. Jessamine Marie Ricafort Dungo says:

    eat healthier, lose weight 🙂

  93. Sherlyn says:

    My New Year’s resolution is to put on more weight and exercise more!

  94. Amy W. says:

    Spend more time in the Bible.

  95. Krystal says:

    My resolution is to run.

  96. Sherri B. says:

    The only resolution I made was to live a happier and healthier life!

  97. Denise G says:

    Didn’t make one this year.

    ontariohappychick at gmail dot com

  98. Tara A. says:

    My new year’s resolution is to exercise more.

  99. alisa says:

    to be healthier by eating healthier and exercising!

  100. To get my house more organized and clean.

  101. Mary Yaroscavitch says:

    to become cancer free

  102. Kristi Cartwright says:

    I don’t do resolutions–but since I’m about to be a new mommy, I want to be the best mommy that I can be for my little man 🙂

  103. Ish Maquera says:

    To be more patient and more optimistic 🙂

  104. Jan Messali says:

    My resolution is to be more organized.

  105. Jennifer Nixon says:

    To become closer to God. Thank you for the giveaway.

  106. cathy henatyszen says:

    to get my own place again

  107. maleficent m says:

    i do have one because i always break it.

  108. Nikkie Cossairt says:

    My New Years Resolution is to eat better.

  109. Elizabeth says:

    My resolution is to live with less fear and anxiety. If I can’t fix it or change it, I resolve not to fear it. 😉

  110. heather eg kaufman says:

    To work out more

  111. Aimee C says:

    To release the negativity in my life 🙂

  112. Kortney Picker says:

    My new years resolution is to drink more water, I want to drink at least 64 ounces a day (it is really hard for me!)

  113. Elle says:

    To lose weight but I think I broke it already!

  114. tracy webb says:

    I don’t make any .

  115. lisa l. says:

    to start eating better.

  116. michelle warner says:

    i just read thgis post about loving yourself, so thats my new year resolution, to love myself more.sounds great

  117. jenny green says:

    I want to lose 20 more pounds

  118. Ruth chu says:

    to save money so we can do more things together

  119. Karen A. says:

    I didn’t make a resolution.

  120. Danielle Jones says:

    My New Year’s resolution is to lose 50 pounds by my son’s first birthday (Sept. 29).

  121. Shannon Baas says:

    I don’t make resolutions.

  122. Lori Hart says:

    My goal is to better stick w/my budget

  123. Lindsay says:

    To get my body toned.

  124. Miz Vickik says:

    to get in better shape =)

  125. robyn paris says:

    i really don’t have any resolutions for this year

  126. Nicole Sender says:

    My New Years Resolution is to simplify and organize my life!!

  127. angie says:

    To eat healthier

  128. nickie says:

    To sleep more.

  129. deb pelletier says:

    Diet and Exercise.

  130. Angie Bailey says:

    Get my cholesterol and thyroid under control and lose weight.

  131. Gale Nelson says:

    to finally stop smoking

  132. Leona P says:

    paydown debt

  133. Abby says:

    Learning to drive

  134. Paul T/Pauline T says:

    to lose some weigh and to live a healthier life in every way —– Paul T/Pauline T aka Paol Trenny ….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  135. renee says:

    I would like to be in better shape to be able to enjoy more physical outings with family.

  136. Rose says:

    To eat 7 to 9 fruits and/or vegetables a day.

  137. craftgirl83 says:

    I want to get more organized this year.

  138. Melissa P. says:

    I want to lose 25 pounds.

  139. deanna_boocock says:

    To exercise once a week at least

  140. Christine says:

    to lose weight

  141. Kelly McGrew says:

    to get a 3.8-4.0 gpa

  142. Desiree Dunbar says:

    To take more time for myself

  143. Maegan Morin says:

    To play with my kids more!

  144. Tiffany Overton says:

    To have more patience with people!

  145. Shamara says:

    To stop procrastinating 🙂

  146. jenn says:

    I am trying to cut soda out of my diet completely

  147. Melanie Montgomery says:

    To just be better and do more in general.

  148. Nuzaifa says:

    Blog More!

  149. Alison Wood says:

    My New Year’s Resolution is to focus more on making my blog successful.

  150. To perform random acts of kindness, often!

  151. S Carter says:

    I resolve to lower my blood pressure this year

  152. Laura P. says:

    First one is find a job second is to workout at least 3 times a week.

  153. Brianne says:

    I want to reach my goal weight 🙂

  154. Dede says:

    I want to have more blog giveaways this year!

  155. Dawn Reid says:

    To be happier

  156. jeanette sheets says:

    to be a more godly woman and do his work to help others

  157. Aubrey says:

    to lose 20 pounds

  158. Mary DeBorde says:

    To get on an exercise regime! 🙂

  159. debbie jackson says:

    to live healthier debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  160. Meghan says:

    My resolution – to save money & do something for myself at least once a month.

  161. Lisa Hackney says:

    Our New Year’s resolutions are to try and put some money into savings and to continue to try and eat better.

  162. nikki c says:

    Get Healthier

  163. Sherry S. says:

    I didn’t make one this year.

  164. nici r says:

    To get and stay organized

  165. Jaime says:

    to be more positive!

  166. Denise says:

    lose weight

  167. Claire McKeon says:

    Eat less and move more!

  168. Judy Gregory says:

    i don’t do resolutions. my goals for this year are simply to do my best

  169. susan smoaks says:

    this year my new years resolution was to lose the last 15 pounds

  170. KJ says:

    To live more frugally and save money!

  171. Joni Owada says:

    Get healthy and fit!

  172. Kate says:

    To work out more!

  173. Charlene Kuser says:

    My new Years Resolution is to get back in shape

  174. Beth Hargett says:

    My New Year’s resolution is to get fit, eat and cook healthier, and spend more time enjoying life! 🙂

  175. Sharold Friedrich says:

    to be more organized

  176. Wayne Lecoy says:

    Please Enter Me In Your Bettie Vintage Lucite Earrings Giveaway
    In Response To Your Question Of What is your New Year’s Resolution?
    I Used To Make New Year’s Resolutions But I Never Followed Through On Them So
    I Stopped Making Them.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!!!

  177. Karen says:

    I really must become more organized!

  178. DESPINA says:

    To exercise more

  179. To be kind to myself and others.

  180. Tabathia B says:

    to become more organized

  181. Shawna Ruppert says:

    To eat healthier, be more active, get organized and devote more time to my family.

  182. Stacy O says:

    my resolution is to get a new job.

  183. Michelle H. says:

    I want to spend quality time with my family and feel that I really accomplished something this year.

  184. jeanne conner says:

    to keep my house more organized

  185. Sarah Harding says:

    To quit smoking and eat better

  186. Elisebet F says:

    I don’t do New Year’s resolutions per se, but I plan to continue to work on my goals to be healthier and in better shape.

  187. Helen May says:

    to lose more weight and improve my cardiovascular health.

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